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    I'm Summer, the face behind Real Promises Photography. I am a lover of sweet tea and Coke (never Pepsi!), my family, and photography. If I was asked quickly to describe myself, I wouldn't spend time telling you about my obsession with Rainbow sandals, or how I feel like I've lost an arm if I can't find my dayplanner. I wouldn't talk about my love for southern food or my past life as a competitive cheerleader and dancer.

    Instead, I would share with you my passion for my family and my business and how I pride myself with being a loyal friend. I would want you to know that I strive to create not only gorgeous senior portraits but give my clients a custom experience from start to finish.

    I am incredibly lucky to be following my dreams and to be supported by so many of my friends and family. Blessed does not even begin to describe how I feel.

    I look forward to learning about you and having you join all the fun a session brings.

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Moving | Charlotte NC Senior Photographer

As many of you know, we moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in the Fall of 2010.  I felt so many mixed emotions with that move and to be honest, thought my life was ending.  Sure, it sounds dramatic but I had a lot of trouble getting over the fact that I was moving from North Carolina, where all my family lived.  No longer were we a quick day trip away from our families and the thought of leaving the beach made me sick.  I was forced to uproot our two small children to head to the land of the unknown.  I had never stepped foot in Tennessee and didn’t know a single soul.  I felt lost.  I felt alone.  I resented the fact that we moved and I was forced to quit my teaching career in NC that I so loved.

A few years before we moved, I had fallen into the world of photography.  I always had a love for it and knew the moment I held my first SLR (FILM!) camera in 2001 that I was smitten.  When we found out we were moving, after the kicking and screaming and tantrums died down (sadly, by me!), I knew I would pursue photography full time in Tennessee.  We were moving in the middle of the school year and I didn’t want to jump into a teaching position so I gave myself the remainder of the school year to find my footing and see where this new adventure took me.  I would like to say it was easy but it wasn’t.  Being an outsider in a new town with two small children was not a walk in the park.  I made it a point to get out and meet people, sign up for play dates, and build my photography business to specialize in high school seniors, a niche that was severely lacking in the area I moved.  With many, many bumps along the road in all avenues, I finally found my footing, a great group of friends, and had a successful photography studio that had grown more than I had ever imagined was possible.

Looking back on the last three and a half years, I feel blessed.  I was speaking with a photographer friend yesterday about my journey and we discussed the humbling feeling of starting over.  We never know what plans lie in our future but sitting in my living room in NC four years ago, I would have told you my world was crumbling.  Little did I know what a blessing this journey would be and the life and business lessons I would learn.  I gained a whole new outlook on life, our small unit family has grown stronger, and we have met so many wonderful friends that have helped ease the pain of being so far away from our family; however, the time of change has come again.

I am over the moon excited to announce that Real Promises Photography is moving east and back to our home state of North Carolina!!  Charlotte, NC, to be exact.  I have not lived in the Charlotte area since I graduated high school but I am stoked to be closer to our families and start our new chapter in our life.  I laugh when I think about how full circle we have traveled and how much we have grown over our journeys.

I will continue to take a limited amount of clients in Nashville throughout the year.  I will travel back once a month to photograph all the amazing 2015 seniors that are already on our books, as well.  I have been asked to come back in the spring and fall, yearly, to photograph families and offer mini sessions and with enough interest, I will continue to do so for as long as needed.  I won’t lie and tell you that selfishly, I hope that works out so I have another excuse to see all my amazing clients and friends here in Nashville.

Now a new path must be carved out for RPP!  We will begin marketing to the high school senior market in Charlotte next month!  If you know anyone in the Charlotte, Concord, Ballantyne, or Rock Hill, SC area, please send them my way!  I hope you will join us for our new adventure and help support us during our transition!

2014 Birthday ONE DAY SALE | Nashville TN Senior Pictures

It’s that time of year again…. OUR BIRTHDAY!!  It’s so hard to believe that this month, FIVE years ago, we officially started our journey on our road of photography.  I was a 3rd grade teacher in Raleigh, NC, and felt the urge to pick up a camera again.  I had always had a love for what I saw on the other side of the lens, through my viewfinder.  I never in a million years saw myself with a successful studio and not in the education field but here I am and loving every minute of it.

So, please HELP US CELEBRATE!  Every year, we offer a ONE DAY ONLY Birthday promotion.  It is our only sale of the year and the best special we will offer.  This year, we took all kinds of great suggestions and decided to offer an amazing $200 towards your order when you book your session on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 from 9am-6pm.  Give us a call at 615-431-9237 or email Summer at to claim your special.  Make sure to take a look at our different senior session offerings and let us know which option is best for you.

We can’t wait to hear from you!!

Birthday Sale 1024x1024 2014 Birthday ONE DAY SALE | Nashville TN Senior Pictures

Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior Photographer

Taylor is one of those girls that has it all.  Not only is she breathtakingly beautiful, but she’s super sweet, stylish, and has the brains!!  I can’t wait to see what her future has in store for her because I know it is greatness.

Taylor chose our Signature Session with the option to take our wonderful makeup artist, Kelly Valente, on location with us as well as utilize the services of our personal stylist, Wendy Hicks with Kovetley.  This allowed for a variety of hairstyles and makeup options, as well as perfectly styled outfits down to the gorgeous accessories.  I do a giddy dance inside when girls choose this option because of all the endless possibilities!!

We started in a beautiful field where we went for a simple and beautiful Nashville girl look: cowboy boots and shorts!!

Nashville TN Senior Photographer Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior Photographer

Taylor 014 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior PhotographerTaylor 012 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior PhotographerTaylor 007 201311redo1 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior Photographer

Then, we moved on to one of my all time favorite dresses I have photographed.  The fabric is plentiful and allowed us to use movement to take advantage of the shape.  This Free People dress paired with the layered necklaces was enough that I couldn’t stop talking about it.  Great choice, Taylor!

Taylor 037 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior PhotographerTaylor 040 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior PhotographerHendersonville TN Senior Pictures Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior PhotographerTaylor 031 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior PhotographerTaylor 017 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior Photographer

From there, we decided to head to the second location downtown and grab some fashion inspired shots with Taylor’s favorite color… RED!

Charlotte NC Senior Photographer Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior PhotographerTaylor 048 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior PhotographerCharlotte NC Senior Pictures Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior Photographer

Because her prom dress was beautiful we couldn’t resist.  We brought her hair to the side for her portrait and then Kelly gave her some free flowing wildness while we worked on some spins!icon smile Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior Photographer

Taylor 069 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior PhotographerTaylor 077 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior Photographer

Last, we went for a quick casual look.  Since Taylor was already sporting the red lips, we stayed with the red theme and added some jeans and combat boots.  Really simple yet gorgeous portraits.

Taylor 089 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior PhotographerTaylor 093 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior Photographer

Since the sun was quickly setting, we grabbed a few quick shots on the pedestrian bridge in downtown Nashville.  Perfect ending to Taylor’s special day!

Taylor 099 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior PhotographerTaylor 101 20131110 Taylor | Hendersonville TN Senior Photographer

Are you a senior or rising senior and looking for amazing senior pictures that reflect YOU?  We are currently booking spring 2014 and Class of 2015!  We believe in senior pictures that show who you are and who you were at this stage in your life.  Come and let me show you!  You’ve spent twelve years preparing for this moment.  Let’s make it awesome!

Give us a call at 615.431.9237 or email us to set up your special day!

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[Review] Jo Totes Camera Bag | Hendersonville TN Senior Pictures

IMG 1258web 300x200 [Review] Jo Totes Camera Bag | Hendersonville TN Senior PicturesLet’s welcome Haley back as our Guest Blogger this week.  This is the second part in her four part series of reviews of photography equipment and accessories.


Hey again, guys! I hope you enjoyed reading my last photography equipment review on the Real Promises blog of the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens.

Like I said last time, I’m just beginning to gain experience in the field of photography and I am still new to all of the different types of equipment available to purchase! Being that I’m still a senior in high school, my budget is pretty limited. But as I make purchases to add to my photography toolkit, I want to share them with others!

Review of Jo Totes Camera Bag

My camera bag is the second of four photography-related items I’ll be reviewing here. I actually ordered my camera bag from Jo Totes before I ever even got my current camera (late-summer 2013)! I knew I needed a sturdy, reliable camera bag that was stylish and one that spoke to me, personally. It’s retro-style and bright color makes me so happy to carry around on a shoot.

Mine is the Millie bag in Mustard, which I just recently found-out was unfortunately discontinued in November of this past year (So glad I got it before they discontinued it!). I can’t express how much I love this bag. It feels like it’s seriously attached to my hip when I go out. And it’s in my favorite color—bright yellow! Pretty hard NOT to spot this one in a crowd! The same goes for a lot of the camera bags Jo Totes carries. They tend to have very bright colors in their online shop. They also have some more subdued tones, but I love that the majority are so bright and cheery!

JoTotes 0205 [Review] Jo Totes Camera Bag | Hendersonville TN Senior Pictures


I also love the amount of storage I get in this bag for its small, accessible size! With this cross-body bag, I never really feel “out of place” lugging my equipment around. It has two inserts that come with the bag which can be used to section off parts of the bag for the camera body, extra lenses, wallet, keys, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Another thing I love about this bag is that is multifunctional. I use it most often for carrying my camera, but you could easily use it as an everyday purse, too (thank goodness for those detachable, Velcro inserts!). I love when someone tells me they love my purse and asks where I got it. I tell them it’s actually a camera bag, and they’re like, “WHAT?!” And then they ask to see, because they can’t believe it! Haha.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend Jo Totes and their bags to photographers—newbies and even the experienced photographer looking to take a load of excess equipment off their backs. The quality for the price is terrific and I am still in love with it months later!

If you’re interested in Jo Totes and their bags, you can see some more by following the link to their website. Looking for something similar to the Millie bag? The Betsy bag in Mustard is very similar in style (slightly larger) and is by the same brand.  [Sidenote from Summer:  I have owned a few bags from Jo Totes, most recently the Betsy in Teal and the Rose.  I find them to be excellent quality and the customer service is top notch.  For functionality, cuteness, and affordable price, we give Jo Totes two thumbs up!]

jo totes in the field [Review] Jo Totes Camera Bag | Hendersonville TN Senior Pictures


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