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There is something about the smell of newborns.  It’s just heavenly.  Miss M had that smell today.  I could have sniffed her hair all afternoon.  It’s sad that Elaina is loosing that newborn smell… at 6 months.  *sigh*

Today, I visited a great coworker who finally had her precious baby girl a week ago.  It’s just amazing to see someone that I see daily grow into motherhood so beautifully.  Motherhood looks great on K and it’s was so wonderful to see her with Miss M today.  They already have a bond of mother and daughter that will continue to grow strong.  Seeing K with her mom and sister today, also solidified the excitement I have for my two girls.  I often dream of what us three girls will do together and what it will be like when they are teenagers or when they have children of their own.  I hope to be as close to my girls as K’s mom is to her and her sister.

K’s mother said today that she sees it takes special patience to be a newborn photographer.  What goes on behind the scenes of a newborn shoot would amaze some of you.  For a few pictures, it usually takes 3-4 hours.  In that time frame, there are usually 4 dirty diapers (on average– remember they are usually naked and something about the “free” feeling must bring it out in the babies), at least 1-2 feedings, and a ton of time spend shoooing and patting a baby until the “deep sleep” kicks in.  It does take patience.  Lots of patience…. but, the outcome is so worth it.  Who wouldn’t want to have a snapshot of the newborn stage of their child.  There is an innocence you just don’t get back.

T Family, I hope you enjoy your sneak peak.  Thank you so much for allowing me into your home and giving me the opportunity to provide you with photos from this special moment in your life.

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