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My parents came up to Raleigh and spent the day with us.  Well, year-round schools had a Saturday snow make up day today so I spent the afternoon with them.  We ate a nice lunch together, and then Mom and I took Mia with us shopping.  I was in search of something to wear to an upcoming wedding.  I was also supposed to have an afternoon photoshoot but the wind was a little too strong for pictures late afternoon.  We had to reschedule those for later in the week but the good news was I got to eat supper with my parents before they headed back home.

While Elaina was napping, we had a small impromptu shoot in the front yard.  My parents moved into a new house on Christmas Eve 2009 and my mom is determined to get some photos of her family, especially granddaughters, up on the wall.  Elaina’s pictures will have to come later since she snoozed right through it.

In honor of Mother’s Day tomorrow, I thought I’d post a few photos of those that I love.

My mother and my firstborn that made me a mother.  These two are two peas in a pod.  It’s scary.



Now, for my wonderful and supportive husband and Mia.

I hope to snap a few of Elaina tomorrow after church. I’ll report back because it wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without both of my girls!

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