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Yup, you heard right!  We’ve decided to go digital.  Digital images, that is.  It’s all the rave and many clients have asked for it so who are we to deny happiness to our clients?!  Please visit our Investment tab under Clients at the top of the page to see our updated prices.  All sessions come complete with a disk of fully edited images for you to print as much as your heart desires.

A few questions have been asked about this so I thought I would take the opportunity to answer them.

Q: Will you still offer prints?

A: We sure will!  We know many clients still wish to have the professional prints that still stand out against any typical prints.  They are Lustre sprayed, which protects them from finger prints and UV rays, thus preserving them even longer.  They also come with a professional linen texture, which gives them that WOW factor.

Q: Can you recommend a lab where I can print images myself?

A: You bet!  We highly recommend steering clear of any one-hour photo lab or big chain labs like pharmacies or chain stores.  Our photos have been edited on a color calibrated monitor, thus ensuring perfect coloring in every image and most of the time those labs do not uphold our images to those standards.  This is why many photographers charge the big bucks for those digital images.  We want our photos that are on display in your home for all to see to convey what our business is about and that’s quality.  We know if you respect our work enough to trust us with your family/child/newborn photographs, you will use a reputable lab to uphold the quality with which we would print your images.  With that being said, I recommend printing through Mpix (www.mpix.com).

Q: Can I upload these images for the world to see on Facebook?

A: We are thrilled that you love your photographs so much that you want everyone to see them!  That is what this business is about.  As a courtesy, we will provide you with a low-resolution watermarked digital image for you to show off your photos in their own gallery.  This cuts down on the uploading time since these are smaller files and in return, we ask that you give credit to Real Promises Photography and add a link to our website.  The best marketing is you!

Q: Since we bought the digital images, can I send them to my cousin Tina to edit them on her cool new Photoshop program?

A: You would be surprised how often this question comes up.  When you purchase the digital images, Real Promises Photography still retains the copyright to the photograph.  We are simply signing a print release to you, the client, allowing you to print them yourself.  It is against the law to edit, crop, scan, copy, or alter any of our images.  So, in short, the answer is no.  No matter how awesome your cousin Tina’s Photoshop skills are, they are not to be used on our photos. :)


Thank you to everyone for your outpouring of support!  Our business wouldn’t thrive if it wasn’t for you.  Now, go check out those new prices and remind your friends and family that we are offering FREE sessions through December.  We still have a few openings, since we are only taking a limited number.

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