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This past weekend, I was back in NC and visiting my hometown of Albemarle.  On my way back into town from a night in Raleigh, I was driving between my husband’s hometown and my hometown.  My family likes to joke that I married a boy from across the river.  It’s true.  Our two counties are separated by Lake Tillery and beside a bridge connecting the two, there is Tillery Dam.  It had been pouring rain in Raleigh that entire day and the drizzle was coming to Albemarle.  I started across the long bridge and did a double take at how beautiful the dam looked.  The water was low, revealing the grasses.  The sky was a gorgeous blue with a few puffy clouds.  I knew I would regret not stopping and snapping a picture.

So, here you go.  A taste of my home.  Blue sky, country land, and water.  Home sweet home.

Tillery Dam, Stanly County NC

So, I threw (gently) the camera in the car (my husband probably just cringed reading that!) and got back on the road because it surely isn’t safe to stand on that bridge with such a small shoulder of the road. I made it about 100 yards before I came to a halt again. This golden field took my breath away. Stanly County is dripping with little (and not so little) pockets of land just like this. I’m lucky that when we moved to Hendersonville, Tennessee, we were blessed to see these same type of landscapes. I think I’m really going to like living here and making this our new home. New home sweet home.

Stanly County at Tillery Dam

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