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I know I’ve said it time and time again, but it’s completely flattering when a client books with me and then lets me know they will be driving a few hours just to have their pictures taken by you.  Humble me much?

Ruby is exactly that type of client.  Not only did I gush over her name (it was my grandmother’s name and I fought hard to have a daughter named Ruby but alas, Hubby won!) but she is the sweetest soul.  She needed headshots for her Talent Agency and we had a great time on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.  Perfect lighting, perfect setting, and perfect mixture of client-photographer awesomeness!

Enjoy your sneak peek, Ruby!  You rocked it!

Nashville Headshot Photographer

Nashville Headshot Photographer

Hendersonville TN Headshot Photographer

Nashville Headshot Photogarpher

Senior Photographer in Hendersonville TN


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