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Sometimes, you find those images that speak to you.

This is one of those.  It was originally in the discard pile of mine and it wasn’t until I was purging some files from my external hard drive that I saw this image again in it’s RAW form and it spoke to me… like called my name once, and then yelled at the top of it’s lungs to make sure I paid attention!!  Swear.  It’s not perfect but it exudes style and femininity and sass.  Check out the posing, down to the tip of her fingers.  The way the light pours over her and the creaminess of the background.  I could hear this image calling to me and I knew it had to be edited immediately and went from the discard to the love pile.

Sometimes, it’s not all about perfection.  Sometimes it’s about the moment and the way that moment speaks to you.

Nashville Urban Senior Photographer

Let’s book your session and find those moments that you will forever cherish.  If you are drawn into this awesomeness, think of what your session will be like!!  Email me at summer@realpromisesphotography.com today to book your photography session!

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