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Well, at least one of my kids is back to school today.  If you live in the Middle Tennessee area, you’ve probably heard Sumner County’s Board of Education postponed the start of school (slated for today) “indefinitely.”  Well, that is, until an agreement has been reached about the budget.  This has been an ongoing argument of mine, and if you’ve been around me at any point in the past two years we’ve been in Tennessee, you probably know my stance already.  I’m sure my friends are tired of hearing me talk about it and my passion for education but it runs deep in my blood.  I had taught third grade since 2004 in NC.  It’s deeply rooted in me and to say I’m a huge advocate for public schools would be an understatement.  My past coworkers, administrators, and friends will tell you I never stop thinking about the students and how to better the system… oh, and I’m not shy to voice my opinions either.  (Just ask Chas Miller or Kelly Bradshaw and they will back that up!)

Okay, back to the real reason for the post.  Elaina started her 3 year old preschool today and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  She’s such a light.  Rarely is she upset and crying (unless it’s at her sister and sibling rivalry runs strong in this house) and she’s just an all around fun, happy kid.  People always talk about her good nature and I have to agree… most of the time! 😉  I’m just glad her preschool decided to stick to their normal schedule and let the kids go back today.  Fhew.

Here are the two girls ready to head in the classroom.  Mia is a proud big sister. Excuse the horrid lighting.  It’s like a dungeon in there!!

Elaina and Mia in hallway ready for preschool

Once inside with her lunch and water bottle put away, she headed straight for her friend, Lawson.  All she could talk about this morning was how he was in her class at school.  So sweet.  Of course, Mia had to join in on the fun for a picture opportunity, as well.  Can’t leave her out!

Mia Lawson and Elaina playing in preschool

Happy Monday, everyone!!

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