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Hey there! This is Jenna, Real Promises Photography’s new social media intern.I’m so excited to be working with Summer this year, you guys. Allow me to introduce myself to you all a little better through a Q&A.

Q: Where do you go to school and what grade are you in?
A: I’m currently a senior at Beech High School in Hendersonville, TN.

Q: What do you plan to do after high school?
A: I want to attend the University of Tennessee to major in magazine journalism and minor in music and culture. I want to become an entertainment writer for Seventeen.

Q: Can you do anything really weird?
A: This is going to sound so gross but, I can lick my elbow! That’s supposed to be impossible, so I guess that also makes me an alien or something.

Q: How did you get connected with Real Promises?
A: Summer’s girls actually went to the preschool my mom teaches at. She needed a baby-sitter one night, and I jumped in. (I love baby-sitting!) I became one of her senior reps this year and asked if I could help her out for my school senior project. So, here I am.

Q: What else do you do besides your internship?
A: I host at Genghis Grill. I’m on student council, attend my church, play in the show choir band, and I’m president of my school’s Interact club. I guess you could say I’m a little busy.

Q: What can I find you looking like on an average day?
A: Skinny jeans, a little too big sweater, comfy scarf, and Toms with messy hair and made up eyes. I have to wear mascara!

Q: What are a few of your favorite things?
A: Nashville, Belcourt Theater, acoustic songs, hummus, and Zooey Deschanel. I just want to live in a little loft with my cats in Hillsboro Village while I watch foreign movies, eat hummus and celery, make up songs, and invite Zooey over. Is that too far-fetched?

Q: Got any good music recommendations since that seems to be your passion?
Always! John Mayer’s Born and Raised, Ben Howard, The Lumineers, or Fun. That’s almost my complete fall playlist.
Ho Hey-The Lumineers

Q: One more question! What’s your favorite social media?
A: Oh gosh, is it possible to pick one? Hmmm… probably Tumblr. It’s where I have my blog, Alive and Well.  I review music, post fashion shoots, health and beauty tips, and anything related to the life of a teenage girl.

Stay cute!

Hello, my name is Jenna.
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