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I’m a little in denial.  I won’t lie.  My baby girl is officially a 1st grader..no longer the bottom of the totem pole of the elementary school, no longer the smallest and youngest.  She’s growing up so fast and I can’t believe that baby that gave me the greatest gift ever, becoming a mother, is old enough to add and subtract and is constantly learning new things that amaze me.

Wasn’t it just yesterday, I was walking through the house with her draped over an arm, during that witching hour of 8pm, shushing her and praying for the days she would sleep through the night?  Now, I tell her, daily, how I think I will just keep her in Kindergarten forever so she can never grow up.  She’s such a beautiful girl, in and out.  She’s fun, outgoing, and has a huge heart.  She loves her family, especially her sister and Nana, and enjoys spending the days outside playing and doing anything art related. She’s also a complete Daddy’s girl, through and through.

She’s my child that is complete opposite of me in most things.  She’s artsy, loves painting and coloring and collects scraps of paper and clothing tags for her next art project.  She’s my girl that loves dresses that twirl, but would rather ride around on a tractor than a fancy car.  She’s a little mommy to her sister, is obsessed with Squinkies, and could eat her weight in cheese but despises peanut butter.

Mias first day first grade1FB

Last year, we started the tradition of photographing the girls on their first day of school.  I know these photos will be cherished forever and will make a great memory keepsake that we can look back at and reminisce.  Especially this one that is totally “her” right now.  This is her signature pose, similar to the signature dance moves that look very similar.

Mias first day first grade3FB


What would pictures be without showing one of the both girls together? Unfortunately, Elaina wasn’t having anything to do with having her picture taken on Thursday morning, but voluntarily gave her sister a huge kiss, which is completely them, and I miraculously caught it on camera.  One for the books, for sure.
Mias first day first grade2FB


I plan to take a photo in front of our rose bushes every year that we are in this house and do a comparison shot on her growth.  Although we didn’t make it to get her hair cut before school (we got it trimmed after a hair cutting incident a few weeks ago but have decided to give it a bigger cut, close to the length of her Kindergarten picture), I love seeing the maturity in her face.  Love this girl with all of my being.

Mia first day of 1st grade comparison


On the day you were born, you completed a part of my heart I didn’t know was missing.  You are beautiful, through and through.  When you were little, I used to pray that you would grow to be a child who loved and would be loved.  You are passionate, caring, artistic, and so incredibly helpful.  I can’t wait to watch you grow even more and see the girl you grow up to be.  I love you with all my soul and thank God that I was chosen to be your mom.


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